Enterprise Portal installation fails

I don’t normally do installation of the Enterprise Portal but in this case it ended on my desk as part of a full installation.

Everything up until the Enterprise Portal part went smoothly but the installer continuously threw an error when trying to complete the installation. Going through the log files it reached the same point every time no matter which user I installed as, whether I elevated the rights or not, manipulated UAC, added users to different administrator groups or what I could come up with. The same error kept popping up in the log:

An error occurred during setup of Enterprise Portal (EP).
Reason: Setup encountered an error during deployment of the Role Center and Enterprise Portal framework.

Not the most elaborating message to start troubleshooting from. The solution was found through a bit of googling and here is the quick version:

Since the installation is based on a Sharepoint 2010 Foundation and the Windows 2012 at some point apparently had been touched by a Sharepoint 2013 feature and therefore had both a 14 and a 15 version of web server extensions tree node in the registration database. And if this is the case only one key is present under the 15.0: CsomDir .

Solution is simple and goes like this:

1. Open Regedit.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\.

3. Get rid of the 15.0 sub node. Either by deleting or renaming.

4. Install the Enterprise Portal.