Background images on AX POS

The POS UI in AX can be customised in many ways and one of the more dramatic ones are changes in the background images. The steps are few and goes like this:

Open the Images form



Create the images in the Images table. In this case we create two. This may vary in your situation


Open the Visual profiles form


Create a visual profile and add the images here


Create a register and device and add the visual profile to the register


To get this running on the POS you need to distribute data. Job 1090 should be sufficient. When the data is applied you are ready to enjoy the results:




This is just the basics of what you can do, but I hope you get the idea of what is possible.

Running the CRT samples on AX7

The RetailSDK delivered with AX7 includes a lot of great sample code making it easier to get things rolling when learning how to customise the solution.

One of the sample projects is the CommerceRuntimeSamples. Before you are able to run it you need to do a couple of tweaks though. If not it will crash and burn with error messages that do point you in the right direction on how to fix it. This blog post is made to safe you some time and getting it fixed without having to go troubleshooting.

The first error that pops up is this one:


A configuration error in the Microsoft.Dynamics.Commerce.Runtime.dll. The reason is that it cannot find the right Operation Unit Id. It is specified in the commerceruntime.config and all you have to do is put in the operating id of the channel you would like to work with. In this case I use Houston, which has the id 039:


Next is this error:


A storage exception in the same dll and same piece of code. This time we have to look in the app.config file. In here we have a list of connection strings that all point at database names as they appeared in AX 2012 Retail. In AX7 demo servers all data for all channels is in the AxDB database so the fix is to change the database names in the connection strings to AxDB:


Now you are able to run the samples and start debugging to learn.