Associate worker with AAD account – Service unavailable

When trying to associate a worker with an AAD user in New Dynamics AX you can in some of the releases get an error saying “The service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please contact your System Admin…”.


Now in the New Dynamics AX the System Admin is often pretty hard to find unless you have a mirror so here is something that might get you passed that error. There’s no fancy stuff here. More a matter of how to approach the task.

Click “Associate existing account”:


Change “Filter using columns” to “Search using email” and put in the email of the user:



Click Search and select the user on the list:


Click OK and you’re back on the worker with a association to your user:



The good part is that you can do this within a few seconds compared to having to wait for the full AAD to be loaded before you can pick the user, which you are going to be searching for anyways.

There is a hot fix released for this error, but if you just need to get it fixed now then the above work-around could help you out.



2 thoughts on “Associate worker with AAD account – Service unavailable

  1. Hi Søren Rasmussen,

    I am still getting same error after performing the steps you have mentioned. Do you have any idea is there any service that we need to see in AAD?


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