DIXF – package error while previewing source file

Admitted, I am not working that much in DIXF (Data Import Export Framework) and this might be a newbee observation I am about to describe. Anyhow, I was working on a customer project where the DIXF returned an error message whenever we tried previewing a source file in the test environment. In the development environment everything was working fine.

The error message was this:


I started up by checking user rights on the SQL server regarding the SSIS packages but nothing was indicating that this was where the error were to be found.

After going through the normal motions of restarting and so on I took a look at the event log hoping to find something indicating where to look … and bingo:


The file name was the answer since it was putting the folder name and file name into one. Looking at the DIXF parameters we can see that the backslash is missing in the end of the directory.


How it ended up like this will remain an enigma (or a matter of somebody doing something in an unauthorized way). If you select the path using the button or typing the path it will automatically add the backslash.

Anyways, problem solved …


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