AOS cannot start after extending string length on EDT

All though AX 2012 is constantly moving the boundaries for what we can do we ended up hitting the roof on field/record sizes the other day.

After heavily increasing the string length on an EDT and a crashed synchronisation the AOS was unable to start up again. The error message received in the Event log was this:

Object Server 01: Unexpected situation
More Information: Total field length cannot exceed 64K. Please re-factor your table <tablename>

The obvious solution is to decrease the length of the EDT to get below the 64K limit.

But – to cut this short –  we now have an AOS that cannot start due to an error we need the AOS running to fix. Well, we knew that we had a backup taken a couple of hours ago giving us a loss of changes that we could deal with if it were. However, it was worth giving it a shot trying to fix this.

The solution was quite simple. We found a similar versioned environment and did the following:

  1. Create a new model
  2. Make a small customisation to the EDT giving us the problems putting it in the new model
  3. Export the model
  4. Import the model in the model database of the AOS that will not start
  5. Start the AOS
  6. Skip the models changed dialog and do a full synchronisation from the AOT

Voila! We are back on track with no loss except for the time spent doing the above thanks to the model concept and AXUtil.


5 thoughts on “AOS cannot start after extending string length on EDT

  1. Dear Sir,

    We ran into the same situation mentioned above. Can you please eloborate the solution so that we can fix the problem.


    1. Hi Waseem,

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      The main issue here is that in order to fix the error we need to make changes to the AOT. To do this we normally need access to the AOT which is complicated without a running AOS.
      What I did to work around this was to find an AX environment with the same version as the one that will not start. In that environment I created a model only containing one element: the table field that has become too large in the non-working environment and using AxUtil I added the model to this and thereby overwriting the field.
      After starting up the AOS again a sync should fix the problem.

      I hope this helps. If not you are welcome to reach out and I will try to guide you through.

      Take care,


  2. Hello I ran into the same situation, but when I i’m importing the model on the AOS I am having issue I am getting below conflicts

    ERROR: One or more conflicting model elements already exists in an
    installed model.
    ERROR: Model(s) could not be imported.
    ERROR: The import has been aborted and rolled back.
    Conflicting model: CUS Model.
    \Data Dictionary\Extended Data Types: 1

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for reading my blog.
      You could add the /conflict:overwrite to your axutil command. This will force an overwrite of the existing version of the EDT.
      I hope this gets you passed the error.

      Take care,


      1. Hi Soren,

        Appreciate your reply.

        This absolutely worked.
        Would like to have few inputs from you as you ran into same situation:
        I am looking to increase the size of purchline.Name(string of size 1000 EDT-ItemFreeTxt). I tried to change the EDT character to Memo where I ran into this problem and resolved it with your solution.
        My requirement is to allow it to atleast 5000 characters. What is the maximum size thats allowed on a string in AX ..? What will be the consequences of changing the size..?
        Some developers suggested to add a new custom field of type memo and hide the standard one. This will be a major customization because the process would start from a requisition and should be changed in many tabels, reports and views.

        Let me know your inputs.

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